-Case studies (Jin’s Dim Sum)
Supporting local businesses post covid.

“Anson was extremely helpful, he took care of everything right from the get go but kept us well informed over each step. Not only was he able to capture our stories and the message behind our restaurant and food but he managed to execute the design and theme while keeping to our limited budget.  

We have since received continuous customer feedback on how nice and refreshing they felt our space and menu designs are especially with Jin's story of his upbringing clearly displayed on the wall. Anson has done extremely well in helping us convey our message to our customers. He went above and beyond our expectations to ensure we got the best value out of our budget!"


Amy - The owner 

"We understand not everyone has the luxury to have their dream space right off the bat, but everyone has the ability to make small steps towards their dreams and that is what we’ve enjoyed the most while working on this project.  Helping once our client and now friends achieve their goals. We will continue to support Jin’s Dim Sum to help them build their dreams into reality."

Anson - Founder 

The husband and wife team, Amy and Bo approached us wanting to create a Dim Sum restaurant with the vision of inviting more people to try this type of traditional Chinese cuisine while at the same time being able to express their passion and the stories behind their Dim Sum creations. They want to show their guests what Dim Sum means to them and their families. The goal is to help their guests look at Dim Sum the way they do themselves.

Because of Covid-19 and other factors, their budget was very limited but that didn’t stop them from pursuing their dreams. To overcome this challenge, we had to focus on the smaller things that can have a big impact on the overall restaurant experience. Together we created the concept of showing their guests what Yum Cha & Dim Sum meant to their family through the eyes of their son Jin when he was younger. A kid that grew up around this type of cuisine all his life having both his parents worked in the industry for over 25 years.

We started with the restaurant name “Jin’s Dim Sum” by designing the logo, then went on to the menu, wall arts right down to their parking signs and business cards all to reflect the innocence and curiosity of a child. By executing this theme, not only were we able to keep the costs low, but we also managed to convey their goal of creating an inviting dining environment. One of the most important things to them is being able to share their food with everyone that walks through their door no matter their cultural backgrounds. We put a lot of thought into the designing process of the menu, creating a menu that simulates a friend that is walking you through the process and explaining each dish. This enables the ordering of food from a Chinese restaurant less intimidating because we all know how confusing it can be sometimes.