We Create Interiors that Create Experiences

Experiences that communicate stories of your

food, Ingredients and people.

Our mission is to connect our local food creators and producers with our people through the use of space. Developing environments where stories of your food, ingredients and the people involved can be effectively communicated to your guests. Allowing them to truly understand and experience the mission behind your food and drinks creations.


Food Businesses is Changing 

Consumers are paying more attention to the stories of where their ingredients originate from and the person cooking it; something that traditionally only belonged in a fine dining environment but is now commonly seen in many eatery spaces whether it be high end or street food.


Showcase the story of your


“Chefs want to tell the story of their food creations and guests want to hear the story. Spacebar Design connects these needs by creating an environment that inspires this process to naturally flourish.”


01 About

Spacebar Design™ is a perfectly blended cocktail between a traditional interior design firm, a branding design studio and a user experience agency...created especially for you to match every eatery design occasion with flavors that last, palates that inspire and moments that capture.  

We have a passion for working with eatery starters particularly with first timers.

Spacebar Design™ is not your traditional interiors design firm. When we design for your space, not only are we focused on the aesthetics and functionality but we will work closely alongside you to help communicate your story and your vision to your customers.  

“ Your success is our story”


1. Discuss

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- Welcome &  please have a seat... 


We want to first understand you and your business by discovering what your vision is and what idea(s) you are wanting to “sell” through your eatery.

02 Our Process

2. Develop


- We understand how each eatery is unique...

Once we know what your dream eatery is all about, we will then generate ideas and concepts of what we think your eatery will need. We will collaborate closely to create designs that best align with your vision & tell the story of you & your food.

3. Deliver


- Sit back, grab a cocktail & watch our team bring your vision to life...


Once the designs are confirmed we will take care of the rest; from production, to delivery and final install. We will ensure every step of the way is well  taken care of while keeping you informed throughout each process.


03 Our Story

“Growing up around a big family meant that there was always something going on in the kitchen. I have memories of watching my parents cook when I was a young boy and being captivated by the stories they would share with me on how they grew to learn each dish; from the home-grown ingredients, to the flavour concoctions and the best techniques to use to bring out the flavours. I remember going to the farmers market at 4a.m. in the morning with my grandparents and they would talk to some of the vendors who would share stories about their farms, crops and the effects of the season and I specifically remember thinking to myself – wow, how is someone talking about carrots for an hour. Despite forgetting some of the specifics, what stuck with me was the passion and emotion they portrayed when discussing their produce. Later that night, when my family was seated around the dinner table, my grandparents ran through the stories shared by the vendors when someone said wow these carrots are really good!


Whenever I am served a dish now, whether large or small, cheap or expensive, I understand that it is not just the food I am indulging in that forms the dish, but rather a fusion of stories shared between the farmers, producers and chefs. These stories are presented on a plate for us to enjoy. Spacebar Design aims to encapsulate these stories to help people look at food the same way I do, with deeper meaning.


We know that chefs try really hard to celebrate all the unique stories of who they are and the ingredients they use in their creations and I want to help them achieve this by creating a home for their food and a second home for themselves; a space that resonates with who they are and what they are creating so when their guests are enjoying their meals, they can truly experience and appreciate the stories and messages the creators are trying to convey. Creating this sensory experience for customers allows for a restaurant’s stories to be imprinted in the minds of customers who will naturally be inclined to share their unique experiences and stories with their family, friends and colleagues.”


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