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Our Story

“Growing up around a big family meant that there was always something going on in the kitchen. I have memories of watching my parents cook when I was a young boy and being captivated by the stories they would share with me on how they grew to learn each dish; from the home-grown ingredients to the flavor concoctions and the best techniques to use to bring out the flavors. I remember going to the farmers market at 4 a.m. in the morning with my grandparents and they would talk to some of the vendors who would share stories about their farms, crops and the effects of the season and I specifically remember thinking to myself – wow, how is someone talking about carrots for an hour. Despite forgetting some of the specifics, what stuck with me was the passion and emotion they portrayed when discussing their produce. Later that night, when my family was seated around the dinner table, my grandparents ran through the stories shared by the vendors when someone said wow these carrots are really good!


Whenever I am served a dish now, whether large or small, cheap or expensive, I understand that it is not just the food I am indulging in that forms the dish, but rather a fusion of stories shared between the farmers, producers, and chefs. These stories are presented on a plate for us to enjoy. Spacebar Design aims to encapsulate these stories to help people look at food the same way I do, with deeper meaning.