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Ending Wasteful Furniture & Cabinetry

Our commitment lies in minimizing waste generated from furniture and interior construction, as we provide eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for furniture and cabinetry.

Our aim is to craft exquisite interior spaces that seamlessly harmonize with the natural beauty of our environment, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.

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About us

We are a group of designers, makers and collaborators dedicated to create meaningful product solutions, while bringing together communities and providing the support, network and system in place that empower others to build enriching environment.

Sustainability • Circularity • Longevity

All our interior creations are designed and crafted with sustainability in mind, we are not saying everything is perfect, but we are giving it a good run. From using sustainable and upcycled materials, designs that focus on longevity and production processes that maximise efficiency. we aim to create the balance between efficient, design and environmental impact.

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We are actively looking for new materials and processes while putting the right system and support in place to achieve circularity with our solutions, from incorporating renewable materials like wool to post-consumer plastic waste support by buy-back programs we are ensuring our solutions are generating more value than what it takes.

We believed in creating product solutions that lasts and can remain in purpose is the best way going forward both for the environment and the human that uses them. Say bye to short term interior solutions and join us in creating the long-lasting new age of interior furniture & cabinetry #100 years furniture challenge.

Our Work

For years, we have been improving and testing our designs and solutions.

We've completed notable projects, earning few awards along the way. Each endeavor has enriched our skills and perspective as designers, creators, and leaders. Below, you'll find visual evidence of our growth. Curious about the stories behind our work? Schedule a time, grab a drink, and let's chat


Our big step towards our vision

Our Answer to the question, it’s not perfect but it’s a damn good place to start. Introducing our modular furniture system

"UD" circular furniture initiative. This initiative is a testament to our core values of delivering sustainable furniture and cabinet solutions.

Our mission is crystal clear: We're on a quest to put an end to the unnecessary and premature disposal of furniture during residential and commercial renovations. For years we have seen countless perfectly usable or slightly damaged furniture get tossed out of convenience or because it no longer seems valuable due to quality, function, or aesthetic reasons. This is our answer.


If you are a material manufacture that are working on sustainable materials and would like to explore how it could be used in real world applications, please reach out we would love to hear from you.

If you are an architect or designer looking to creating stunning interior space but are also wanting to do it in the right approach with sustainability  in mind, please get in touch. We’re eager to hear about you and your client’s vison and excited to see how we might be able to add value.


If you are a commercial or social space operator are interest in turning your space into a sustainable fuelled environment, let’s have a chat and see how we can help.


We value our relationships and live for collaborations because we know to achieve the vision, we need to work together…

Let's talk

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