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The problem / Our Mission

New Zealand produces 48,000 Tonnes of waste annually... that’s equivalent to 16,842 Toyota corollas!

We aim to reduce this by designing, manufacturing and supplying circular sustainable furniture and cabinetry.

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The Journey so far

Discover the journey and milestones of Spacebar Design


Company founded

Spacebar Design was established with a vision to revolutionise the furniture and cabinetry industry combining stunning aesthetics with sustainable practices.


NZ Best Awards Finalist

Spacebar Design was recognised as a finalist for their exemplary kitchen design in a Titirangi home, tailored for a multi-generational family. The project featured a bold, modern kitchen that became the centrepiece of the home, using natural and composite materials to integrate the surrounding landscape indoors. The design cleverly balanced communal spaces with private retreats, achieving harmony through consistent material and colour themes throughout the spaces."


NZ Best Awards Finalist

In 2023, Spacebar Design was honoured as a finalist for their innovative UD. modular furniture system. This system was developed to combat the wastefulness seen in the furniture industry by providing durable, adaptable, and aesthetically versatile furniture. UD. is designed to last a lifetime, reducing waste with its modular components that can be repaired, replaced, or reconfigured to meet evolving needs and styles, embodying sustainability in every element.


Launching of UD furniture system and Te Ari collaboration

Our fully circular furniture solution for interior space. Designed to be reused, repurposed, repaired, reconfigured and remain in purpose. We also celebrated our collaboration with Te Ari from warren and Mahoney to engage different communities in expression of our mission towards product and land stewardship through Māori and indigenous design elements.

The makers at Spacebar

Our team

Get to know the creative minds behind our designs

Anson Kong

With extensive experience in the construction and furniture industry, I have witnessed the unnecessary disposal of items due to shifting purposes, irreparable damage, or poor construction quality. These experiences have fuelled my passion to offer a solution that prevents such waste.

Tim Lee

A skilful craftsman and designer with a passion to craft solutions using honest and quality materials. He oversees all things production in our workshop to ensure all things are built to uphold our vision and mission here at Spacebar.

Marcus Lee
Industrial designer

My passion lies in crafting objects that not only elevate people’s lives but also enrich their experiences. Driven by a genuine passion for design, I am an individual dedicated to creating products that prioritise longevity and environmental impact.

Explore how our sustainable circular system works

Our sustainable circular system is engineered to minimise waste and the environmental impact in furniture production. Our approach emphasises the use of durable materials, like Plytech Green birch plywood, which supports longevity and recyclability. The system allows for components to be easily repaired, replaced, or repurposed, extending the lifecycle of each product. This design philosophy ensures that furniture not only lasts longer but also keeps materials in use, reducing the need for disposal and encouraging a cycle of reuse and refurbishment.

Spacebar's trusted design partners

Collaboration at the heart and soul of what we do

We incorporate collaboration at every stage of the process, engaging with architects, interior designers, and material manufacturers. This collaborative approach ensures that every project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally sustainable. By working closely with partners who share a commitment to sustainability, we can innovate and apply eco-friendly practices more effectively, creating products that are both durable and designed with minimal environmental impact. This synergy helps to push the boundaries of what sustainable design can achieve, leading to more innovative and effective solutions.