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Discover a world where you can create new interior environment without generating additional waste


Fast furniture, like fast food and fast fashion, lasts longer in our waste systems than it does in our lives. And being furniture, the size of waste produced is much greater per item. UD. is the slow burning, long lasting furniture system that aims to do the exact opposite. With the ability to repair, replace, and reuse, UD. can last a lifetime with minimal impact on our waste system.

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All our interior creations are designed and crafted with sustainability in mind. We're not claiming perfection, but we're committed to making a difference. We use sustainable and upcycled materials, design for longevity, and optimize production processes for efficiency. Our goal is to strike a balance between efficiency, design, and minimizing our environmental impact


Artisan Mastery: Modular Elegance

We use premium red list free materials to create value along with durability and sustainability,  with the ability to repair, replace, or re-purpose components. This ensures the product's longevity and reduces unnecessary waste in our ever-changing environment.

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Wairau Valley, Auckland

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